Text to Slug

Text to Slug

What is Text to Slug?

Text to Slug is a tool for converting text into a secure character title or label for a web page.

Slug is a unique identifier string or URL, human- readable (unlike ID). This is the part at the very end of the URL and is actually the exact address of a particular page on your site, in other words - it is a transliteration of the words in the URL. It should consist of descriptive and short headings (1-5 words) that can make the content of your web page understandable to the user and help improve SEO.

Human-readable paths improve usability. In addition, allow the name of the link in advance to assume the content of the page on it and represent the structure of the site. Such a URL is more memorable, and the user can infer what will be displayed on the page.

Can be used not only in URLs for clarity, but also, for example, in database queries.

The slug is usually generated automatically from the page title, but can also be entered or manually modified so that while the page title remains intended to be displayed and readable by humans, its slug can be optimized for brevity or for processing by search engines. Long page titles can also be truncated so that the final URL retains a reasonable length.
It is containing only "safe" characters:

  • 0-9;
  • a-z (generally lowercase);
  • symbol "-";
  • sometimes symbol "_".

How to use it?

Enter a single word or phrase (for example: article title or any web page title) on the line in the text box, then click “Generate” to get easy-to-read URLs.