What programming language to learn in 2022 and what tools will help coders in everyday tasks

What programming language to learn in 2022 and what tools will help coders in everyday tasks

It is impossible to formulate the only true rating of the popularity of programming languages. Because there are a lot of objective and subjective factors affecting their relevance in specific scenarios of use: starting from the field of activity and the specifics of future projects, ending with the presence of at least minimal experience, your personal preferences, and even the place of residence.

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Nevertheless, we have tried to distribute programming languages by popularity, taking into account the global and domestic trend in the IT market, and made our small TOP:

  • 5 place — Java. It is currently the main application development language for Android devices. And its strongest point is its cross-platform nature. Nevertheless, in our 2022 programming language ranking, Java comes only in fifth place. The advantages of Java are object-oriented and procedural programming, relatively simple, "human" syntax, stability, ease of collaboration and security. The disadvantages are some difficulty in learning, low performance, lack of native design and rather complicated code.
  • 4 place — C++. The C++ language is used in the development of games and game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity, high-performance and high-load applications, operating systems, browsers, neural networks, and even unmanned cars. C++ is a fairly productive language, it supports many programming styles, and it has a large community. But the entry threshold to C++ is very high. It is practically not suitable for beginners.
  • 3 place — C. The C++ and C programming languages are so similar that many rankings put them in the same line. However, there are some differences, which is why we placed the C language higher in the ranking. It is its performance and the possibility to use it on different platforms. But C also has disadvantages. First, programs written in C have some security problems. Second, the language has too low software limitations. And third, it is more difficult to learn than many of its counterparts. Therefore, it can be recommended to beginners with reservations.
  • 2 place — JavaScript. In fact, this programming language could very well take first place. In some areas it does lead the way. JavaScript is quite easy to learn, it uses the most popular web frameworks: jQuery, React.js, and Angular.js, and its scope is very wide. But compared to Python JS can not offer as many built-in features, it takes more time to perform similar tasks and is not always intuitive.
    To answer the question, is it worth learning javascript in 2022 - yes, because salaries haven't gotten any smaller, and if you're a beginner or especially if you want to make a cross-platform application, since, you can even make programs for Android and iOS on it, then you can think about it.
  • 1 place — Python. Python is 30 years old in 2021. But this "old guy" confidently holds the first places in all sorts of tops and clearly has no plans to give up positions. Now it is the fastest growing programming language. It is easy to read, relatively easy to learn and the list of tasks that are solved with it is huge. Python is a rare combination when the language is perfect for beginners, but at the same time allows you to solve complex problems. The language is cross-platform, with Python many services, libraries and frameworks are available to the user. And there are plenty of sources of information about Python. It is noteworthy that even the platform giants such as YouTube and Google developed it in Python.
    A big plus of this language can also be considered, its simplicity, it is very simple, especially if you have already learned any other programming language, but even if you haven't learned it, it will still be very easy.
    So to answer the question, is it worth learning Python in 2022, of course yes, once you start learning it, you will be a relevant expert for a long time to come.

So, what should a beginner who wants firstly to start learning programming, and secondly to be sure that his knowledge and skills will not be unclaimed in a year, two years or five years, choose? It's up to you, and Codeenv offers: 

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Top 5 tools to make a web developer's job easier

1) JavaScript Minifier 

The JS Minifier is an online JavaScript/CSS compressor that allows you to compress and minify all your JS/CSS files to 80% of their original size. Copy and paste the code, or you can upload multiple files at once and then compress them. This minifactor removes spaces, removes comments, merges files, and optimizes/shrinks a number of common software templates. By compressing your site, you "minify" the script by 20%, resulting in faster loading speeds, less bandwidth, and fewer HTTP requests. 

2) Color Converter 

With the universal color converter you can easily convert colors from one color model to a number of others.First of all, the calculator serves for convenient work with modern CSS3-color formats. Supports conversion from HEX to RGB/RGBA and HSL/HSLA, RGB to CMYK, XYZ, LAB, and back.

And also special functionality to replace alpha channel when converting colors from RGBA to RGB (and HSLA to HSL).

3) MD5 Generator

The online MD5 hash generator allows you to encrypt your data. You can also upload your file and get its MD5 checksum.

4) QR-code decoder

The QR code stores data such as website URLs, phone numbers and up to 4,000 characters of text.

The QR code decoder online allows you to decode the QR code you need, for this you can upload an image with the QR code or specify a link to its image and then click "Decode".

5) CSS Minifier

This minifactor removes spaces, removes comments, merges files and optimizes/reduces several common programming templates. And it comes with a decent reduction in file size, which contributes to faster site loading. Use our CSS minifactor to compress CSS (CSS 1, CSS 2, CSS 2.1 & CSS 3) files to optimize your website load.

More tools on our free online webtools site Codeenv.com