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The QR Code Decoder online (qr code scanner) is a format compatible and robust tool.  This QR code online tool works perfectly for all types of QR codes. It is easy and quick.It has multi-thread barcode processing.  It detects barcodes at any orientation and rotation angle. 
What are QR codes?
A QR code is a matrix barcode in which the information is encoded in a series of pixels in a square-shaped grid and can be read easily by a digital device. QR codes are often used to trace information about products in a supply chain and as most smartphones have built-in QR readers – they are frequently used in marketing and advertising campaigns.
The full form of QR is "Quick Response."
The simple-looking QR codes have the capacity to store lots of information. Regardless of the amount of information stored, the QR code should enable the user to access information promptly that's why it’s called a Quick Response code.
Standard barcodes can only be scanned in one direction i.e. top to bottom. It implies they can only hoard a small amount of data, generally in an alphanumeric format. While the QR code scans along with two directions – top to bottom and right to left. This enables it to store considerably more information.
The patterns within QR codes depict binary codes that can be inferred to reveal the code's information.
In a QR code, the data stored can include website URLs, phone numbers, or up to 4,000 characters of text.
QR code structure and characteristics.
While coding in a QR code format, data is arranged horizontally and vertically utilizing black squares against a white background inside a square grid. QR codes can keep a broad variety of data but their limit relies on the kind of information being stored. If the input mode is only numeric for instance, then a QR code can hoard to 7,089 characters. Many QR codes are a combination of input modes and will, therefore, have fluctuating sizes and capacities.

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