Case Converter

Case Converter

What is Case Converter?

Case Converter - easy-to-use case conversion tool is designed to allow you to convert blocks of text into any case, which you can then export to a text file or simply copy and paste back to your own document.

This online tool allows you to change your text from UPPERCASE to lowercase, lowercase to UPPERCASE, or capitalize words in sentences with a simple click. If you don't know how to convert the case or capitalization of text in Word, Notepad or other word processing software, then this online tool is designed for you.

Simply copy and paste your text into the text area above and click on the buttons at the bottom to convert it to one of the different cases, including:

  • Sentence Case: Which capitalises only the first letter of each sentence. Like this;
  • Lower Case: which converts all the letters into small letters – like this;
  • Capitalized Case: Which Converts The Text So Every Word Has Its First Letter Capitalised – Like This.

How did it work?

  1. Copy and paste the sentences, paragraphs or whole document in to the box. Keep in mind that, while the case changer will preserve spacing, it will not recognize bold, italic or underlined text, fonts or hyperlinks;
  2. Choose between one of the four available buttons: “Sentence Case”, “Lower Case”, “Upper Case” and “Capitalized Case”;
  3. Your text, with its specified capitalization style, will appear in the bottom box. You can now manually select and copy it, or simply click on the sign “Copy” to save it to your clipboard.