JavaScript Beautifier

JavaScript Beautifier

What is JavaScript Beautifier?

JavaScript Beautifier is an online Javascript formatting tool that can help you convert confusing Javascript files into readable Javascript files. This program improves the appearance of JavaScript code by reformatting and indenting it.

Used to improve the readability of JavaScript code.

JavaScript (often abbreviated to JS) is a lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented language that is best known as a scripting language for web pages.

By removing unused code from the project, not only will the script load time for browsers improve, but also the time it takes for browsers to analyze and compile the code.

How to improve JavaScript performance?

Use the following optimizations:

  • Always use algorithms that have the lowest computational complexity;
  • Avoid recursion;
  • Format repetitive parts of calculations as functions;
  • Simplify mathematical calculations;
  • Use search arrays instead of switch/case constructs;
  • Enter calculations, calls, and variables for all recurring functions;
  • If you can use bitwise operators to perform some actions, do it. Such computations take less CPU resources to perform.

How to use it?

Just paste your JavaScript into the text area above and click the "Beautify" button, and you'll get an optimized JavaScript code in the same text area.