Password Generator

Password Generator

What is Password Generator?

Password Generator is a web-based tool that helps you generate strong and secure passwords online. These passwords are relatively well protected from being brute-force. They are randomly generated and are not stored anywhere. 

This web-software is 100% free and ad-free!

Password Generator can generate unique passwords of 1 to 32 characters in length. The program allows you to customize the set of characters that will be used in the password. The set can include numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as special characters (-, _, $, #, &,%, +, =, !, ?, (), ~, ^, [, ], {, }, /, |,).

How to create a strong password?

  • A good password is always a combined one. It uses numbers, symbols, and letters of different case;
  • Рassword length - 8 characters or more;
  • Avoid semantic passwords: dates of birth, names, phone numbers, addresses and names of pets;
  • Do not use simple passwords consisting of an obvious sequence of numbers or letters on the keyboard. The most common combinations in the world are: 123456, 12345678, password, qwerty, asdfgh;
  • Do not use the same password for multiple accounts;
  • Password should not be the same as your login;
  • Change your passwords. At least 3-4 times a year.

How does it work?

Select the password length, presence of upper and lower case, symbols, numbers and click "Generate". 
Get a strong and secure password!